You're missing out on an easy opportunity to build fans, 
& make more 💰 from your music. 

In've probably already missed some $ you could've earned.

Watch Your Youtube grow on autopilot.

There's no extra work for you to do, we'll handle everything for you.


No really, it's that simple. 

We'll help you grow on YouTube organically, or you get a full refund.



Don't have an official music video for your song? No problem. This works for audio tracks too.

As long as the song is on YouTube, this can work for you.

Why Isn't Your YouTube getting Enough Attention?

You've spent your time, energy, & hard earned money putting out a great video or audio track on YouTube..

Only for it to be ignored.

You post it on your story, you tell people to watch, but nothing really changes.

How frustrating is the feeling of putting your all into the music, just for nobody to notice?

Have you ever sat & wondered why this keeps happening?

  • It's NOT because the music isn't good enough.
  • It's NOT because people want to see you fail.

It really all comes down to this..

You're Not Marketing Your Music On YouTube Enough.

But don't be upset or frustrated, it's not your fault.

Unfortunately, you just didn't know that Major Artists & Labels were using a system like this to get ahead..

Have You Ever Noticed..

Have you ever noticed how no matter what, major artists videos on YouTube always have great views?

You might think it's because they have large fanbases, but that's not the reason why.

It's not because of their fans..It's because of their marketing.

You see, Major labels & Major Artists don't leave things up to chance. 

They don't just throw their music on YouTube & hope it gets attention.

Instead, they guarantee that their videos will get attention by using tools like this..

"But What's This Tool Or System That All Major Labels Use?"

The System is called..

It's a unique, AI powered marketing tool that guarantees artists videos perform well on YouTube, every single time.

& The Best Part?

This System Gets Results Like These ⬇️

(These Are Real Client Results)

We know the formula to market your video the right way. So you actually get results, & don't waste your money.

& Guess what else? Our system works for any kind of YouTube video, Even if it's just the audio of your song. 

No matter what type of video or genre of music, we've got you covered.

Real Growth. Real Results.

Our client SilkSoFye experienced real results from our campaigns, seeing his subscribers & views increase 100% organically.

Why pay for fake views.. 

When You Could Get 
Real Results Like These?

Over 8.2 Million impressions, & 775,000 views, & they all came from real people. Not from some mindless robot ruining your channel.

Fake views do absolutely Nothing for you. 

They don't expose you to real people.

They don't lead to people becoming subscribers or fans.

and most importantly..

They could even hurt your YouTube channel, get your videos demonetized, or even get you banned from the platform.

"So How Do You Guys Get Your Clients Real Organic Results?"

Here's how..Through the power of YouTube Advertising.

Our in house team of industry professionals create authentic ad campaigns that grow artists on YouTube organically.

You just sit back, relax, 
& watch the views roll in.

There's nothing To Hide.

All of our YouTube campaigns come with 100% transparent reports at no extra charge.

That way you can feel confident in your campaign, and see with your own two eyes where your results came from.

Get The Labels Calling.

Major Record Labels watch artists YouTube videos to see who they should sign next.

The artists that are doing real numbers are the ones that get signed.

& Guess What?

They can tell when it's fake.

Major Labels have a "heat check" system that will detect if your numbers aren't organic. 

They aren't going to invest thousands of dollars into signing an artist without doing their research. Fake traffic will not get you signed.

Real views & engagement is the only way to get their attention, & that's what we specialize in.

How good would it feel if your YouTube looked like this?

We generated this client Over 5.5 Million  Views on YouTube organically, & we can do the same thing for you.

Let's Level Up Together.

Are you ready to have an industry professional team market your videos like a major label artist?

Ready to stop stressing about your YouTube & experience real growth?

If you said yes, grab The YouTube Ad Boost package below & start gaining fans the right way.

If not, thanks for checking us out & we'll be here when you're ready.

Take Your Pick.

At Major Marketing Academy, we have multiple premium options to complement your budget, & our campaigns work for any genre, style, or sound.

No matter if it's a music video or just the song audio, our packages work for any kind of YouTube video.

Simply select the package of your choice & enjoy.

Which Package Best Fits Your Needs?

(*Note*: All packages are one time payments*)


  • Reaches 10,000+ People
  • ​Great fit for those looking for solid results on an economic budget
  • ​Increases Views Organically
  • Perfect campaign for artists who want to test our service
  • ​Full Campaign Breakdown Included


  • Reaches 30,000+ People
  • Perfect fit for those looking to make an immediate significant impact on their video
  • Strongly Increases Views Organically
  • Full Campaign Breakdown Included


  • Reaches 100,000+ People
  • ​For those looking to make a HUGE impact on their video views
  • SKYROCKETS views organically
  • Most Common package used by Major Record Labels
  • ​Full Campaign Breakdown Included
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