Prior to checkout/purchase, Clients are required to check box saying that they agree to our terms & conditions, thus proving that they have indeed read them in full. Upon checking out/purchasing our service, all clients agree to the following terms. 

Refund Policy:
All sales are final. Clients shall not be granted a refund unless otherwise specified by us directly. We cannot grant refunds because clients receive the digital product downloads immediately upon purchase.


Major Marketing Academy cannot guarantee all clients will see results above or at our expectations/projections. We cannot guarantee that client’s will experience the results that some of our current/former client’s shown on our website have. These projections are subjective, & vary from client to client. Client shall not be granted a refund due to service results being below their expectations. Nowhere on the website do we ever promise an exact outcome in regards to results, because results vary from client to client due to factors such as but not limited to: product/song quality, image/branding, presentation of product & brand. We cannot grant refunds because clients receive the digital product downloads immediately upon purchase.

Stance Against Artificial Engagement & Prohibited Services:

Major Marketing Academy DOES NOT engage in the selling of any sort of artificial engagement, streams, likes, followers, etc of any kind. Our service is 100% genuine and authentic only. We do not sell engagement of any kind. Our services simply offer clients an authentic opportunity for digital marketing/advertising for their service/music/brand.

Playlisting Policy:

When you purchase a Spotify Playlisting Campaign, you are NOT paying for playlist placements. You are instead paying a playlist submission fee, which we then use to pay our curators to review your track. From there, curators who deem your song/songs to be a fit for their playlists will add your music to their playlist at no charge.

Major Marketing Academy cannot guarantee you will receive streams to the level above or at our, or your own expectations. We cannot force people to listen to your music, we simply get it added to real playlists & let the people decide from there.

Subscription Policy:

When you agree to the terms & conditions of our service, you acknowledge & agree that you are fully aware that this is a subscription based service. You agree to the specified payment plan in your selected package, & hereby agree to said terms of the package. Subscription lengths vary from product to product, with subscription charges varying from 1 week, 2 weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. When you sign up, select your package, & agree to the terms & conditions, you hereby agree to be billed in the manner which your package presents.

Subscription Cancelation Policy: 

If a client requests a cancelation of their of their subcription service before their subscription renewal due date, the service will be terminated at the end of their most recently paid term. At this point, the client will not be charged again by Major Marketing Academy. However, if a customer requests a refund after being automatically charged, no refund shall be given. The client will instead receive service until the end of the paid term, & no longer be charged.

Design Policy:

All sales are final. There will be no refunds under any circumstance. Client is entitled to two rounds of design revisions for free, after that, additional payment will be needed for additional changes. Price for additional changes may vary depending on complexity of request.